ADHD "You Can Shine Club"

We closely follow our patients with diagnosed ADD-ADHD. Our initial workup is the well known NICHQ VANDERBILT ADHD ASSESSMENT SCALE. A contract is then presented to the parent stating the following:

  • You are required to bring your child in every 30 days to monitor weight and blood pressure before receiving the ADHD medication refill.
  • You will bring your child in every three months to be reevaluated. Report card must be brought in to monitor improvement.
  • At any time, a Provider may initiate a follow up visit when deemed necessary especially if you wish to increase or change medication.
  • You are responsible for child's prescription. It will not be refilled before the 30 days.

We judiciously use medications, as needed with your children and follow their progress closely in DR. BROWN'S YOU CAN SHINE CLUB

Dr. Brown's club rewards the children with BAM-BAM silicone bracelets when their grades improve.