Asthma Care

Asthma Control

Our goal is for every Asthma patient to have their Asthma under control. Historically, we have fewer admissions for Status Asthmaticus because of proper Preventive Care for Asthma control and when required, easily accessible Pediatric office care for acute care.

For the initial visit the Provider will make an Asthma assessment. An Asthma packet is given to both patient and parent; this packet has a questionnaire reviewing current care and possible triggers.

Your child is encouraged to keep a diary to help keep Asthma under control. It is important to help your child to identify triggers in order to properly manage their Asthma on a daily basis.

A spirometry is used to help the Provider measure pulmonary function in your child which allows your child to be properly assessed both in acute phase Asthma and to demonstrate compliance, or lack thereof, with their maintenance medication.

If Asthma medication is prescribed, your child receives instruction and demonstration on how to properly use spacer and/or inhaler.

It is strongly stressed to your child that they learn to control their symptoms and to take their long term asthma control medicine and not to over use their rescue inhalers.


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