Why Choose Us?

We know that choosing the "right" Pediatric office is an important decision for parents. We believe that Dr. Brown's Pediatric office offers many unique features that make it a good choice for families.

Our pediatric practice has an established, trusted reputation in the community, having served the children of Kenner and surrounding area since 1976. We strive to provide high-quality, patient-centered care to our families.

  • We have convenient park and walk right in access
  • Our kid friendly waiting room features first run movies
  • Kids marvel at our big screen virtual fish tank
  • Your children will be entertained with our table top toys

Medical Excellence

  • Evidence Based Medicine- To ensure that your child receives the best possible care and that all of our providers are up-to-date on the latest medical standards, we have internal committees who review, audit and provide ongoing education for our providers and staff. Our entire practice is committed to providing the best quality, cost-effective medicine for your family.
  • Our Medical staff is certified in CPR, Denver Developmental testing, and in P.E.A.R.S. (PEDIATRIC EMERGENCY ASSESSMENT, RECOGNITION AND STABILIZATION).
  • We perform annual emergency drills to keep our entire staff fully trained and ready to handle any emergency that may arise.
  • All of our 10 medical assistants are Hispanic women that speak fluent Spanish and are within the peer age group of our Mothers.
  • A Spanish translator (one of our medical assistants) is on call every night to provide 3 way hook up with the provider and the parent. This ensures continuity of care, but more importantly, cuts down on unnecessary after hours Emergency Room visits.


  • 7:40 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday's and Tuesdays
  • 7:40 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday- Friday
  • 7:40 a.m. to Noon Saturday's
  • Provider and bilingual translator are on call 24/7 to help you


  • Our Pediatric office staff speaks Spanish and are there to help with your translation needs in our Pediatric  office and helping make appointments with specialists
  • We have both Male and Female Providers to help your adolescents feel at ease.


  • On-site laboratories (including but not limited to urinalysis, rapid strep, strep culture, rsv, mono, and flu tests)
  • Emergency services including breathing treatments
  • ADD & ADHD Evaluation
  • Minor surgical procedures performed on site
  • State of the Art Hearing Tests (ABR&OAE)
  • Vision tests
  • Sports and Camp Physicals


  • Informative website
  • You can email questions and appointment requests to peds@sybmd.com
  • Helpful Links


  • Same-day appointments when available 
  • We welcome Walk-ins
  • Ample parking (front and rear of building)
  • Friendly, Clean, comfortable facilities
  • State-of-the-art family-friendly Pediatric office
  • Certified Medicaid Application Center


Support for Asthma, Vaccine Education, Breastfeeding and More

Why your child needs a pediatrician
Children's health care needs are different from adults. Our Providers are trained to prevent and manage health problems in newborns, infants, children, teens and young adults.

Our Providers are experts in children's health - Our Providers are specifically trained to treat and manage your child's health care needs and other issues, including the following:

  • Growth and development
  • Illnesses
  • Nutrition
  • Immunizations
  • Injuries
  • Physical Illness
  • Behavior
  • Emotional or family problems